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Athina Onassis Wedding Gown - In Australia, exactly where 1 can obtain a letter of congratulations from the Governor-General on the 50th and all subsequent wedding ceremony anniversaries; the Prime Minister, the federal Opposition leader, regional members of the two state and federal parliaments, and state Governors may possibly also send salutations for the very same anniversaries.

In Canada - Athina Onassis Wedding Gown, 1 can also obtain a message from the Governor-General for the 50th anniversary, and every fifth anniversary after that.

In the United States, a couple can obtain a greeting from the President for any wedding ceremony anniversary on or after the 50th.

Athina Onassis Wedding Gown - Roman Catholics may possibly apply for a Papal blessing by way of their regional diocese for wedding ceremony anniversaries of a particular nature (25th, 50th, 60th, and so forth.)

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